Street Fighter III: Third Strike on XBLA, PSN


If Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and the latest Mortal Kombat game have rekindled your interest in fighting games like they have mine, you’ll be glad to know the most complete version of Street Fighter III to date has been released on XBLA and PSN!

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition will be the first pure fighting game to use GGPO-netcode – an often fan-requested feature. This online functionality allows for smooth pixel-perfect arcade play against online adversaries. In addition to facing off against friends online, players will be able to watch local and global match replays in-game as well as immediately upload replays directly to YouTube™ to share with the rest of the world.

Other enhancements include upgraded HD graphics and an optional widescreen backdrop, an all-new challenge system featuring hundreds of online and offline feats to accomplish, and a Trials Mode designed to help players hone their skills by learning some of Street Fighter III‘s unique mechanics.

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition is now available through XBLA for 1200 points, or PSN for $14.99.

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