Strahd makes his glorious return to D&D

There was a time when vampires were seen as scary, blood-sucking creatures.  However they lost favor to zombies when they started to sparkle in sunlight.  Wizards of the Coast is looking to turn the trend around as they release Curse of Strahd.

Wizards of the Coast today announced the newest Dungeons & Dragons adventure, Curse of Strahd™, is now widely available at retail stores around the country! Designed for fifth edition of the D&D tabletop roleplaying game, Curse of Strahd is a new gothic horror-themed adventure set in the cursed land of Barovia, including the iconic Castle Ravenloft. The new release was written in collaboration with Tracy and Laura Hickman, the authors of the original Ravenloft adventure.

In addition to Curse of Strahd, there are many other opportunities for D&D fansto experience Ravenloft, including:

  • D&D Adventurers League Enjoy additional adventures in Ravenloft by participating in the D&D Adventurers League organized play program at local hobby stores around the country.
  • Tarokka Deck This 54-card deck by Gale Force Nine represents the Tarokka cards used by the fortune-teller Madam Eva to randomly determine key aspects of the adventure. (Sold Separately)
  • Dice, Camera, Action! Tune-in and watch Dungeons & Dragons Principal Story Designer, Chris Perkins, guide a party of prominent YouTube and Twitch D&D players through Curse of Strahd live. The adventure began on Twitch on March 8th, but you can catch up with past episodes on YouTube.
  • Dungeon Masters Guild In addition to allowing creators to distribute and sell adventures set in the Forgotten Realms in the Dungeon Masters Guild online marketplace, you can now use most of the content from Curse of Strahd as fodder for new gothic horror stories.

You’re invited to share this news with your readers and assets for Curse of Strahd adventure can be found here. For more information on Dungeons & Dragons visit

Unravel the mysteries of Ravenloft in this dread adventure!

About Curse of Strahd
Heroes from the Forgotten Realms and other D&D worlds can easily be drawn into Strahd von Zarovich’s cursed land. Once there, they must contend with the horrors of Barovia. Its people are melancholy, misshapen and grotesque, living in fear of the wolves and other creatures that serve Strahd’s evil will. The only hope for the trapped adventurers is to heed the warnings of a mysterious fortune-teller named Madam Eva. Drawing random cards from her tarokka deck, she directs adventurers to search Strahd’s domain for artifacts and allies to help defeat the master of Castle Ravenloft. That is, before he orchestrates your demise for his amusement and feasts on your terror.

There’s also the Castle Ravenloft D&D Adventure Game which is a ton of fun and in print as well.  You might find it odd going against a vampire in the world of D&D, but try it out.  I admit I was pleasantly surprised.

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