Sting coming to WWE 2K15, fantastic trailer revealed

In a rather exciting, but slightly disappointing announcement, WWE revealed that the WCW superstar Sting will be available as a preorder bonus for WWE 2K15.

While many were hoping for Sting to make an appearence on the actual Monday Night Raw program, they instead showed a trailer confirming what many have speculated upon for awhile. They did this by releasing a teaser trailer that reportedly cost 2K over $200,000 to make.

As a huge wrestling fan, the money seems well spent as even though I also wanted Sting on the show, the trailer still managed to give me some goosebumps. The biggest bummer was him simply being preorder content. It will be interesting to see how hard 2K pushes Sting’s involvement in WWE 2K15 as the time goes forward. The new trailer is above.


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