Still have money after Steam sale? Amazon will help you spend it.

There’s a bunch of great deals going on over at Amazon for Cyber Monday if you’re still looking to offload your cash, alienate your family, and avoid the sun for the next three weeks.  There’s a whole bunch of deals in the PC downloads section, so you’ll have to check it out yourself, but I’ve got a few that caught my eye after the jump.

Metro 2033 ($10.00): A flawed gem hailing out of the Ukraine that was largely ignored when it was released back in 2010. It definitely has it’s problems—it’s punishingly difficult and has some largely unessecery stealth sections—but the world it creates is so pitch perfect that I think it’s worth a shot, given the low price.

Penumbra Collection ($2.50): A lot of the ideas that delighted and horrified us in Amnesia: The Dark Descent had their origins in Frictional Games’ debut outing Penumbra. It’s really amazing to see the way frictional took what worked about the Penumbra series and moved it over to their magnum opus, so the games are worth the barrel bottom price, if only for that. Oh, and just like its antecedent, Penumbra is scary as hell.

Batman Arkham City ($7.50): If you haven’t yet had a chance to give Arkham City a visit, this is probably your best chance for a while. I haven’t seen a price this low before on a game this great so soon after it was released. The PC port is fully functional, though you’ll definitely want to play with a game pad of some kind as the keyboard layout isn’t all that great.

X-COM: Enemy Unknown ($24.99): It’s an even steeper discount than Steam offered, so if 35 bucks was too much, now you’ve got to talk yourself out of an impulse by yet again.

Battlefield 3 ($29.99): The premier multiplayer shooter at the moment, at a 50% discount. If you’ve been waiting for a sale, this is probably the one.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted ($19.99): Yeah, this is the new one. I had to double check to be sure, but this is definitely the Criterion Need for Speed. Some people have been having some frame-rate trouble with the PC port, but at 60% off it might be worth trying. Your mileage may vary, but every discussion I’ve seen agrees that even on the lowest graphics settings the gameplay is still really great.

There are a lot more deals going on today—I haven’t even looked into the prices on console games—but you’re going to want to get while the getting’s good, as I doubt these prices will stick around until tomorrow.



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