SteelSeries Siberia v2 ships to shelves


SteelSeries has announced the release of their Siberia V2 Heat Orange headsets this morning.  While I normally wouldn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the release of a pair of headphones, this is SteelSeries we are talking about – certainly among the top-tier of hardware manufacturers.  I’ve gotten to go ears-on with the new headphones and they are pretty sweet.  The noise cancelling microphone handled the noise of E3 flawelessly, and the earcups were pretty comfortable.   We are requesting a pair for review, so stay tuned for more information.   Here’s a nibble from Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO on the device:

“Our Siberia v2 is one of the top-rated, most used and recognized headsets in the video game peripherals market.  We believe in products that provide users with the best in-class technology with features intelligently designed for both form and function. Features like our noise-cancelling microphone and its ability to retract into the earcup when not in use, to the illumination and customization via our SteelSeries Engine software.”

The set is shipping for $119.99, but before you balk at this price I’ll remind you that good headphones are like good monitors – they make every game better.   While we wait for more hands-on time with the headphones, drop in and check out the official site for more details.


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