Steelseries’ new mousepad hopes to be “the last surface you will ever need to buy”

The computer peripheral company Steelseries has announced the new DeX mousepad at Gamescom this year.

Steelseries promises that the mousepad will feature an extremely low friction surface, and its durable design will make it “the last surface [gamers] will ever need to buy.”  Here’s a nibble:

SteelSeries the leading global manufacturer of gaming peripherals today introduced a new surface for gamers called the DeX Mousepad. Made of a low-friction polymer material, its surface features a unique 3D optical pattern that is designed to provide a superior level of tracking accuracy for all applications. The SteelSeries DeX offers a highly-responsive, fast glide for mouse movements while its heavy silicone base keeps the pad anchored in place. The DeX is the most durable mousepad on the market with its heat-sealed edges that will keep it from fraying over time.

“We designed this for gamers who prefer to have a low friction surface that want and prefer a fast glide; it’s a very different feel from our QcK family of surfaces,” said Tino Soelberg, SteelSeries CTO.  “In addition to how it feels and glides, the DeX could very well be the last surface they will ever need to buy with its incredible durability.”

The DeX will retail for $ 39.99.  You can sign up for to get more information about the DeX’s release at Steelseries’ website.

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