Steel Battalion Pre-Order Bonus: Represent Your Retail Outlet

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor  is likely going to be one of the rare true hardcore game to ever see the light of day on the Xbox 360 Kinect. Amidst a sea of dancing games and mini-game collections, Steel Battalion  puts you in the seat of a Vertical Tank as you harness both the 360 controller and body movements to wage war. And war thou shalt wage… In style, baby!

Capcom announced this morning that depending on where you decide to pre-order the game – Amazon, Best Buy, or GameStop – you will receive a bonus downloadable armor pack for your tank. Which means that, when you think about it, Steel Battalion  is actually a euphemism of the current retail wars taking place. Players representing their favored destination will don the respective armor, mowing down enemies from enemy retailers.

So, support your local or online retail store, and pre-order Steel Battalion Heavy Armor  before it releases on June 22nd. Or heck, pre-order it just to compensation the developer and publisher for possessing a pair of grapefruits in their pants and embracing such a risky venture.

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