Steam Summer Getaway Sale begins, lasting until July 22nd


It happens multiple times a year and never ceases to stop taking our money. What am I talking about? It’s Steam sale, time obviously! This time around it’s called the Summer Getaway sale and is already featuring some fantastic products. Like many others, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on previous Steam sales so it’s hard to find new products to purchase when this time rolls around. Valve decided to nix that problem by making not only older games a ridiculously low price, but also games released in the past eight months.

To name a few that are currently on sale:

  • Bioshock Infinite ($30)
  • Hotline Miami ($2.49) 
  • Defiance ($13.59)
  • Antichamber ($6.79)
  • Endless Space ($10.19)
  • Scribblenauts: Unlimited ($4.99)

As a bonus, on all the above products, Steam has added trading card support so you can now build your ever-expanding (or if you’re like me, never began expanding) Steam trading card collection.

Steam also has flash sales currently running,  which rotate in and out every eight hours. As a final cherry on top, you can even vote on what discount you want next. The current options are discounts for either Dishonored, Far Cry 3, or Borderlands 2. The sale lasts from July 11th – July 22nd.

Head here to see everything currently for sale. What have you already purchased in this sale? Or what do you want to eventually pop up for sale? Let us know!

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