Steam Greenlight unchains 18 new titles – Agarest: Generations of War and Legend of Dungeon among those featured


Big news out of Steam for you fans of indie games: 18 new games have been given the clear signal by everyone’s favorite digital distribution service – and a lot of these look damn good. Some particular standouts include: Agarest: Generations of War, Legend of Dungeon (which you see above this article) and Hammerwatch. There’s a lot more than that, of course, along with two additional greenlit projects that are gaming-related applications rather than games themselves.

The full list of titles, straight from Valve:

The latest software titles:

  • PlayClaw – This game recorder got votes for its gaming optimization and utilization of multi-core processors for HD video capture.
  • GamePlan – This real-time strategy software caught the attention of strategy gamers as a way to help plan strategy and tactics for their favorite team-based online games.

The latest games:

  • Agarest: Generations of War – This Japanese role-playing strategy game quickly shot up the charts and will now add to the small but growing number of Japanese RPGs on Steam.
  • Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures – Angry Video Game Nerd has built up a huge following on YouTube. That popularity appears to have translated into raging success in Greenlight with the game that bears his name rocketing to the top in only 9 days.
  • Battle Worlds: Kronos – This richly-colored turn-based strategy game blew through its Kickstarter goal and jumped quickly up the Greenlight charts with votes of excited strategy fans.
  • City of Steam – This free-to-play action RPG received a lot of visibility and votes from their beta at the beginning of the year, and now look forward to running another beta soon.
  • Cradle – This first-person adventure game caught the attention of Greenlight voters with its beautiful graphics, unique atmosphere, and compelling soundtrack.
  • Dead State – In less than a month, this survival RPG has jumped up the charts with enthusiastic support. Plus, the game blew past their Kickstarter goal in the summer of last year, securing an incredible 10,096 backers.
  • Dead Trigger – This popular free-to-play zombie survival game found great success on android, and has since seen updated graphics as the developers set their sights on Steam for PC and Mac.
  • Death Inc. – This beautiful and elegant strategy game has garnered a lot of positive press and votes with its unique art style and innovative gameplay.
  • Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey – The community clearly wants more from the popular Dreamfall series and quickly up-voted this game.
  • Elsword – This free-to-play, action RPG uses classic side-scrolling beat ‘em up gameplay mechanics and has captured the votes of existing fans and potential new customers alike.
  • Faceless – This cooperative and non-violent free-to-play survival horror mod for Half-Life 2 received overwhelming support from the community.
  • Frozen Endzone – The developers of Frozen Synapse bring the strategic depth of their first game into a new, original and innovative tactical future sports game, capturing the votes of fans and potential customers along the way.
  • Hammerwatch – This pixely hack-and-slash adventure game caught the attention of voters with their cooperative gameplay, character building, and modding support.
  • Legend of Dungeon – This colorful dungeon crawler has gained a lot of votes as well as critical acclaim from the gaming press.
  • Pinball Arcade – Fans of Pinball Arcade have been enthusiastic and vocal, leading to a solid base of support and interest from the community.
  • Planet Explorers – Currently in alpha, this ambitious open world RPG caught the attention of voters with its ability for users create new content and change the terrain.
  • Rush Bros. – This competitive platforming game caught the attention of voters and the gaming press with its innovative premise and integration with users’ music library.
  • Shovel Knight – This action adventure game has been sweeping the Greenlight charts with a style reminiscent of platformer adventure classics. After blowing through their ambitious Kickstarter goal, the developers set higher and higher stretch goals, securing an incredible 14,749 backers.

Hammerwatch and Legend of Dungeon are the titles that make my eyes light up and my Paypal account shrink – they just have an aesthetic that stands out to me, and I never get tired of dungeon crawling in either an old-school or roguelike sense. But really, each of these titles clearly has a whole lot of promise, hence their ability to rise up among the swarms and swarms of Greenlight title options. Congratulations to all you guys who got your projects listed – we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on all of these.

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