Steam Greenlight gets usability updates

Steam-Greenlight-620x350Steam Greenlight just got a bit of a facelift.  Greenlight, Valve Software’s tool for judging public interest when deciding to add a game to Steam, will now allow the users to “skip items in your vote queue, improvements to collections, ” as well as view “new stats for game and software developers.”   One of the most interesting new developments is the ability to send updates to people who follow your collection, according to Valve’s Greenlight blog:

Another way to help other people discover titles you like is by creating a collection.  There you can list all of your favorite selections, and now you can post announcements to anyone that is following your collection. And if you aren’t up for creating a collection yourself, you can always browse other collections to find a person with similar taste and then follow their collection to see what new picks they add.

It’s nothing world changing, but it will be nice to have a few more tools to manage the myriad games that appear in Steam Greenlight.  I’m looking forward to checking it out a bit.


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