Stardock clarifies state of Star Control brand acquisition


Stardock’s famously open CEO Brad Wardell (Frogboy) has given some more information about the lay of the land in the wake of his company purchasing the Star Control license. Apparently the situation is that while Stardock has the rights to the Star Control franchise, the copyrights on Star Control 1 and 2 are in the hands of developer Paul Rieche – and that Stardock is currently in conversations with the relevant people about the possibility of making a game with some of the more legendary aspects of the game included. It’s a promising but not totally settled situation, all told.

Considering just how long the Star Control universe has been essentially dead in the gaming world, it would be nice for something to come of this – the return of the VUX, the Orz and the Spathi in some new, modern, and reasonably true-to-the-original game would be a fantastic development.


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