Stardock acquires Star Control rights, plans new game


Remember Star Control? No, not that abomination with the puppets. I’m talking REAL Star Control – with the Thraddash and the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah and the VUX! Well, Stardock remembers – and they’ve managed to snatch up the rights to the series from Atari. Their press release states they’ll be using Star Control 2 as inspiration for the title they’ll be working on, though whether this means we can expect a sequel to Star Control 2 or just another game ‘based in the world’ remains to be seen. Frankly, this is some great news – while Stardock’s public standing took a bit of a beating with Fallen Enchantress, they still remain one of the better, if wilier PC developers out there. Given their experience in the sci-fi gaming genre (Galciv I & II), it’s hard to think of better hands for the franchise rights to fall into.

Straight from the press release itself comes this information:

Entering its 20th year as an independent studio, Stardock remains one of the few development studios solely dedicated to PC gaming. Its critically-acclaimed PC games include the timeless Galactic Civilizations series and the award-winning Real-Time Strategy game (RTS) Sins of a Solar Empire, which has sold more than two million copies worldwide. PC Gamer Magazine recently chose Galactic Civilizations II and Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion for inclusion in the top 100 PC games of all time.

Star Control maintains a cult following as a beloved PC franchise, with the first title including options for melee or strategy gameplay set in a science fiction universe. The sequel—Star Control II—expanded on the Star Control universe as an adventure game and shooter. Star Control II still holds spots on critics’ lists of the best PC games of all time among both new and seasoned PC gamers.

More information on the new Star Control will be announced as it becomes available.

Let me kill some more Umgahs, citizens of Stardock! That’s all I ask. (Also, no puppets, please.)



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