Star Wars: The Old Republic hits 1.6 – Ancient Hypergate with Trailer / Screens

As Star Wars: The Old Republic has transitioned to a free-to-play model there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t take it for a spin yourself!  Today we get a trailer that announces the new PvP Warzone entitled Ancient Hypergate.  We also get some screenshots and video of the Level 50 Heroic Space Missions.  After you check out the video, you can simply patch up to 1.6 and take them for a spin yourself!   If you missed the announcements we ran on the Free-to-Play model, here is a nibble on a few of the things you get by continuing (or renewing) your subscription:

  • Unlimited access to regular Game Updates such as new Nightmare Mode content, a brand new Operation on the planet of Asation, a new Heroic mission series on the prison planet of Belsavis, and a brand new Warzone for our PvP lovers. Subscribers will also receive an automatic monthly grant of Cartel Coins for use in our new Cartel Market.
  • The Cartel Market will offer a variety of in-game items including cosmetically customizable gear and convenience features that will enhance the game play experience. Subscribers will receive Cartel Coin rewards for every past and ongoing month of subscription.
  • Subscribers will also receive a special bonus “Fan Favorite” Party Jawa. Celebrate your status as a veteran of the galaxy anytime with this animating Jawa, who starts a party every chance he gets!

Amazingly, the free option still grants you access to literally hundreds of hours of content for absolutely nothing.  As the holiday season cools off, come celebrate the 1 year celebration of SWTOR and find out for yourself.

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