Star Wars: The Old Republic gets Titans of Industry update, video, screens


Star Wars: The Old Republic is going strong, has more subscribers than ever, and has just picked up a long-awaited update called “Titans of Industry”.  This update (2.3) brings Level 55 Flashpoints, a new Ewok companion, Tauntaun mounts and much more.   Titans of Industry has players rallying against the secrets of the Czerka Corporation’s CZ-198 labs to destroy the savage creatures therein.   Here’s a nibble about the update before we get to the shiny new screens and trailer:

CZ-198 Mission Area

  • CZ-198, a new Level 55 mission area is a small, private moon where Czerka Corporation’s most secret and dangerous data and technology is stored.
  • Both the Empire and the Republic seek to seize control of the facility.
  • Complete missions to earn Galactic Reputation and purchase special rewards including powerful new companion armor!

Level 55 Flashpoint: Czerka Corporate Labs (Story Mode and Hard Mode)

  • Infiltrate Czerka’s corporate headquarters on CZ-198 and take down Rasmus Blys, the Czerka scientist responsible for developing the company’s most dangerous weaponry.

Level 55 Flashpoint: Czerka Core Meltdown (Story Mode and Hard Mode)

  • Race against time to stop the imminent meltdown of the CZ-198 research facility and battle against the terrifying security system known as “The Vigilant!”

New Companion: Treek

  • Our first new Companion Character since HK-51 – a small companion with a big attitude!
  • Available for all character classes and can be earned in-game or purchased directly from the Cartel Market.

Tauntauns Tamed as Mounts on Hoth

  • Travel to Hoth and embark on a mission to get your own Tauntaun mounts: The Mountain Tauntaun (available to all players) and/or a Tundra Tauntaun (available to Subscribers only).

New Rewards and Benefits added to Friends of SWTOR referral program

  • Active Subscribers can refer friends to earn Cartel Coins, newly added Battle Droids, and more.
  • Referred friends receive convenience and customization items to jumpstart their adventures.
  • Previous Subscribers who are referred receive 7 days of subscription access and one Complimentary Character Transfer!

Also coming next week, players can participate in the week-long Bounty Contract event.  This event should give us some shiny new targets to crush with the goal of filling our pockets with shiny loot.   You can check out the screenshots for the new mount and companion, Czerka Flashpoint, and more while you wait for the video to load.   Enjoy!

Tauntaun Mounts:

Czerka Flashpoints:

Bounty Contract Event:

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