Star Wars: The Old Republic Announces Huttball PVP Warzone

At GamesCom 2011, Bioware and LucasArts revealed a new PvP Warzone for the game which features the lethal sport of Huttball.  The objective of the game is fairly simple in that players must grab the ball at the center of the field and take it to the enemy’s camp.  Of course, it sounds simple but when you add in the other team’s ability to use any sort of mayhem possible to stop you, as well as various deathtraps in the arena itself, it’s just not that easy.

Unlike many PvP areas, Huttball takes place in the neutral world of Nar Shaddaa, which means teams aren’t always drawn from the tradition lines of Alliance vs. Empire.  Check out the video reveal below for more on Huttball, and we’ll see you in the arena this fall!

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