Square-Enix shutting down Lightning Returns’ Outerworld Services next week

Square-Enix has announced that it will no longer be supporting Outerworld Services for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII as of next Tuesday, April 26th.

This means that players will no longer have access to certain features, including the following:

– NEWS & UPDATES (upon launching the game)
– Submissions to Outerworld Services
– Outerworld NPCs
– Posts to Social Network Services
– Obtaining Outerworld rewards

However, Square-Enix does specify on a post on its support site that those who have already obtained rewards through the Outerworld Services will be unaffected by this change, and will still keep the in-game content they obtained through these means.

Outerworld Services allowed players to share content through social media, obtain exclusive in-game items, and take part in periodic challenges.

Lightning Returns launched in 2014 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and came to PC late last year.

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