Square Enix Games Get Bargain on Steam

Steam sales are a regular thing, so regular in fact that it’s easy for sales you might be interested in to go unnoticed. That’s why we figure it important we put such sales on your radar – and today we’re letting you know about the Square Enix sale on Steam.

Starting today and ending on Monday, March 26th, every title published by Square Enix on Steam is 50% off. This includes DLC, mind you. The Hitman  series is receiving uber bargain treatment at 75% off. And lastly, there is a bundle titled Hit Collection  which saddles together the likes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution , Tomb Raider: Legend , Just Cause 2 , Thief: Deadly Shadows  and Hitman: Blood Money  at a single reduced price.

So head over to the Steam website, log onto Steam via your PC, or use the Steam app on your phone, and grab any games you’ve been waiting to go on sale before buying.

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