Square-Enix compares the arcade Dissidia to a potential PS4 version

Square-Enix has released a video of the upcoming Dissidia: Final Fantasy that compares the arcade version of the fighting game to what it would look like on PlayStation 4.

Square hasn’t confirmed a PS4 version of the game will actually come out, but may consider it a year after the arcade version is in the wild. The arcade version of Dissidia: Final Fantasy is powered by modified PS4 hardware, and features a button layout similar to a DualShock.

【DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY】アーケード基板/Playstation®4 -比較動画-

The first two Dissidia games came to PSP in 2009 and 2011. The fighting series brings together characters from different Final Fantasy games, with the arcade game already bringing in new additions like Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics and Y’shtola from Final Fantasy XIV.

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