Spring Blooms in Mole’s World on iOS

One of the most downloaded iPhone and iPad games gets a major update today, ironing out a niggling bug and introducing a new friend to the community.

Spring’s sweet scent is in the air, as a new neighbor has moved into the farm!  Meet Doris, a mole with true artistic flair.  With her new talents, players can unlock both a greenhouse and a flower garden.  Grow a variety of plants and flowers to create a beautiful farm, or harvest the blooms to create special bouquets to give away to friends, so everyone can share the spring spirit!

 “It’s never too late for spring to arrive in Mole’s World, and we’re pleased to be launching such an exciting update” said Benson Wang, CEO at Taomee. “After celebrating the arrival of Koala and all his snacks, the Moles are ready and excited to see another new friend so soon.”

Mole’s World is generally aimed at the iOS platform’s youngest players, but as the base game is distributed free of charge, it’s retained a consistent place in the Top 5 most popular games in its category.  Check it out on the iTunes Store right here.

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