Spanish gaming company Gato Salvaje offers free mobile game

ar-kHow would you like a free game?  If you’re looking for a quirky point and click adventure, Gato Salvaje has a treat for you: The first episode of their point-and-click adventure AR-K is going to be free for the month of April.

What is AR-K?

Told in a classic point-and-click narrative, AR-K is a captivating adult drama that spins satire, comedy and rich 3D animation into a futuristic adventure that will capture your imagination.

Alice is a journalism student that wakes up with a terrible hangover; she has no recollection of what happened last night beyond the memory of a mysterious object. Who was the one night stand from last night? Why is she having such strange flash backs? Set in a dark strange future, where things are just a little too perfect, follow Alice as she uncovers a trail of clues and mis-adventures that blur the line between reality and lies.

I’m going to be taking a look at this game over the next few days, so look for a mini-review or quick look in the near future.   I’ll be playing it on my iPhone or my iPad, but you can also get a copy on PC or Android devices here.

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