Sound Shapes Flexes its Vita/PS3 Crossplay Muscles Next Month

With the flurry of major game releases hitting the gaming press this week thanks to E3, it’s easy to miss all the little guys down there, waving their arms frantically as they attempt to catch our attention and make us aware that they have some cool stuff to announce also. One such little big announcement Vita and PS3 owners should be excited about is that Sound Shapes , the musical platformer, will be available for download on August 7th.

Sound Shapes  will feature full crossplay functionality, meaning that any progress you make on one version, or any content that is available for one, also exists for the other. If you’ve taken advantage of the crossplay functionality of Netflix on your PS3 and mobile devices, then you know how cool it is to be watching part of a movie on your phone or Vita, only to be able to resume it once you get home. The same applies to Sound Shapes when it comes to campaign progress and music creation.

And don’t worry about having to buy two copies of the game to dabble in the crossplay, for the $14.99 price of admission you become the owner of both versions automatically.

What’s up, Nintendo?

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