Sony’s Music Unlimited Service gets some quality


I’m 3/4 deaf and even I can tell the difference in music quality.   Well, Sony agrees and they’ve decided to bump up the quality of their Music Unlimited service.  How much of a bump?  With the flick of a switch you can jump all the way up to crystal-clear 320 kbps AAC!   If none of those things mean anything to you, just know it means ‘really, really clear’.   The service isn’t just for the PlayStation 3 – it also works on PC, Mac, Xperia, select TVs, and Android as well as Walkman and the Vita.   If you are a subscriber, this is good news.  If you aren’t…well, you can try it out for free for 14 days.  Hit the press release for more info below and look for a quick update to your devices to enable to tasty sound upgrade for the 18+ million songs in their catalog.


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