Sony Online unveils Free to Play titles at E3

Sony Online wants to spend some time with you in a massive way.   They’ve got a staggering 8 online titles to show off this E3, and every single one of them is worthy of attention.    They are moving Vanguard: Saga of Heroes to their Free-To-Play model, they have a new Wizardry Online title (bankrolled by Gamespot) in the cards, and of course their flagship title – PlanetSide 2.  Before the good stuff, check out what new technology is coming to Everquest II!

EverQuest II

Hands-on demo of the game and an introduction to SOEmote, a new innovative facial recognition and voice technology feature that allows players unprecedented ability for personal expression and role playing in EverQuest II. Featuring revolutionary facial recognition software created by Image Metrics, and integrating Vivox’s voice font technology, SOEmote was designed to truly bring the roleplay back to roleplaying games.

If you want to see any of these titles up close, or even better, if you want to jump in their betas, hit the press release below.  Look for our continued coverage next week and beyond for these titles.

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