Sony Online Entertainment opens the doors to user-created content with Player Studio


User-created content for video games is kind of a big thing nowadays, no doubt prodded along by the success of the Steam workshop and similar service options. Well, SOE is not about to be left in the dust on this one – they’ve announced the introduction of the Player Studio. This allows users to create and submit original items and content for (initially) Everquest, Everquest II, Planetside 2, FreeRealms, and – soon enough – Vanguard.

As always when it comes to all things mod- and user-created-content related, I’m just damn delighted to hear about this. Especially as an old Everquest player who was around since the days of the Kunark expansion, and who played Everquest II back when people were pretending it was as desirable a game as World of Warcraft. Either way, if you’re playing any of these games and have a creative streak, now’s your chance to add something to the worlds you enjoy running around and slaughtering in. (FreeRealms excepted, I’m pretty sure the only thing anyone’s killing there is time.)


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