Sony Not Worried By Xbox One’s Holiday Price Cut

After the Xbox One’s recent price cut and with various bundles of the console coming out, Sony is still confident that it will have a very successful holiday season.

Speaking with GamesBeat, Sony’s Shawn Layden responded to whether the company was feeling pressure in staying ahead of Microsoft heading into Black Friday.

”No, not at all. It’s going to be a very competitive holiday season. Everyone’s going to move their numbers the best way they can. We’re going to be fully engaged in that battle.”

Since both consoles launched last year, the PlayStation 4 has been steadily ahead of the Xbox One in sales. With the Xbox One now at $350 for the holiday season, the system is approaching 10 million units shipped. This is still behind the PlayStation 4’s last reported 13.5 million shipped, but how both consoles will fare over the next few months is yet to be seen.

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