Sony Celebrates the PlayStation’s Twentieth Anniversary

As the original PlayStation approaches the twentieth anniversary of its Japanese launch, Sony has released a video showing just how far the PlayStation has come since its beginnings in 1994.

The video (which you can view above) has plenty of footage of games from the original PlayStation to the PlayStation 4, including some individual series that have spanned the entirety of the PlayStation brand like Metal Gear Solid and Tekken. Other standouts include The Last of Us, God of War, and even some handheld games get some love like the Vita’s Danganronpa and Gravity Rush.

Sony Celebrates the PlayStation's Twentieth Anniversary

Over the past twenty years, the PlayStation brand has sold over 400 million units across four consoles and two handhelds. The PlayStation 2’s 155 million units sold make it the highest selling home console to date, while the PlayStation 4 holds the distinction of being the fastest-selling console in industry history as it nears 15 million units sold since its launch last November.

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