Sometimes Even a King of Kings Needs a Goddess as gamigo Announces ‘Moon Goddess’ Expansion for King of Kings III

While free to play MMOs are everywhere today, variety is the spice of life and all of that, so I’m always pleased to bring another one to the attention of our readers here at Gaming Trend.  King of Kings III launched last year and focuses heavily on PvP and realm-building, which is nice for people who enjoyed similar things in Shadowbane or other titles.  Today, gamigo is announcing that they are launching a new expansion for the game, titled ‘Moon Goddess’ which brings players into a war between good and evil angels.

Some of the updates to the game include raising the level cap from 140 to 180, adding over 200 skills, 24 maps and over 200 missions.  They’re also adding special daily dungeons, which allow you to face boss after boss without having to deal with the trash mobs in between.  It definitely sounds interesting (if, again, you enjoy a lot of PvP with your MMOing), and we’ve got some screenshots available as well!  King of Kings III is free to play, and you can check it out at the official site.


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