Some New Faces, and Some Old Friends – Friday Tabletop Kickstarter Update

Hello! Welcome to Friday Tabletop Kickstarter Update! For info on what is going on here, check out this introduction. So much goodness right now on Kickstarter! It was difficult pairing down the list to just these six.

Remember that I am in no way endorsing these games, I have not played them, I have not talked to the publishers. Back at your own risk.

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Myth: Journeyman
Apparent Weight: Medium-Heavy
Genre: Story driven adventure, RPG elements, miniatures

When Myth hit the mainstream last year, it turned out to be highly polarizing. Some people played it and thought it was the best thing to grace their table, and others could barely get through a scenario before disgracefully clearing the game and playing something else. The main issue was in the rule book; it was bad. Really bad. Not that the mechanics of the game were poorly designed, just that the way it was presented in the rule book had nothing to do with how the game is actually played.

In a relatively unprecedented turn of events, MERCS Miniatures is fixing this. They know it is a good game, they know they have crafted something that people will like. One of the pledge levels for the first wave of expansions is a reprint of the rule book and all of the item and hero cards in the game. All for a steal at $6. I applaud MERCS for reworking their mistake and offering it to the community for such a reasonable price.

Oh, yeah, and the two expansion modules look awesome as well. The campaign is funding Blackwall Warrens and Shores of Kanis. Both introduce new heroes, new monsters and new stories. If you are getting tired of your standard dungeon crawl, Myth deserves some attention.


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Apparent Weight: Medium
Genre: Cooperative, International rescue, Nostalgia

Legendary designer, Matt Leacock, has teamed up with a relatively new company Modiphius to bring the classic TV show Thunderbirds to the tabletop world. Players take on the role of the Tracy brothers to work together to save the world. They have been blowing through the stretch goals, and the game looks like it is brimming with Thunderbird goodness for fans of the show.


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Above and Below
Apparent Weight: Medium-Heavy
Genre: Euro based city building, Story based adventuring, unique art

Ryan Laukat and his, more or less, one man company Red Raven Games is looking to fund their ninth Kickstarter. With such highly regarded games as City of Iron and Eight-Minute Empire, Above and Below promises to be a well polished gaming experience. In this game players are building up their city in traditional euro style, using unique workers to gather resources and build buildings. But players all explore the depths below with a choose your own adventure, Tales of the Arabian Nights style, storytelling system. When you venture into the caves, your neighbor reads a short story, and you pick for a series of available reactions. Looks great, sounds great. Go look at the project.


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PlayMe: Alice in Wonderdice
Apparent Weight: Light
Genre: Real time, Dice, Dexterity, Special abilities

I am surprised more companies have not taken the proven simultaneous dice rolling from Escape and adapted it to other games. PlayMe does just that. Players frantically roll their dice to form a one through six straight. But your neighbors can hinder your progress by placing their own dice in your path. All about speed and luck, see who can catch the white rabbit first. With awesome presentation and great looking art, this is worth taking a look at.


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Bottom of the 9th
Apparent Weight: Medium-Light
Genre: Baseball, Dice, Cards

I love Baseball, I love boardgames. Bottom of the 9th sounds right up my alley. From the same designer and publisher that brought Compounded, Bottom of the 9th brings back the visage of great ball players with retro-inspired player cards. Each player card has various abilities that are activated based on how well their opponent can guess what the other is doing. If a pitcher throws low and outside, and the hitter can anticipate it, the hitter gets an advantage on a subsequent die roll. Plenty of reviews and pictures to check out.


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Vault Wars
Apparent Weight: Light-Medium
Genre: Auction, Set collection, Hidden goals

I love the theme of this one. Take A&E’s Storage Wars, a show about auctioning off vacated storage lockers, and massage the theme to a more manageable fantasy one where players are bidding on the contents of dearly departed heroes’ treasure stores. From the same publisher that brought Epic Resort, Vault Wars continues on with similar tongue in cheek fantasy art and flavor.


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