Solatorobo Coming to North America

I’m not afraid to admit that I really like Xseed as a company. They take chances on titles that we otherwise would probably never see outside of Japan. Which is why I was happy to see that Xseed just announced that they are bringing the action RPG Solatorobo: Red the Hunter over to North America for the DS.  In the game, players follow the story of the dog-like Red Savarin, a young adventurer and hunter who has set off with his Robo companion Dahak on a quest to retrieve a stolen file of the utmost importance, only to be thrown into an altogether deeper adventure along the way. As the story of Solatorobo: Red the Hunter develops further, Red and Dahak will travel throughout the Shepherd Republic, meeting new characters along the way and uncovering the truth behind a mystical artifact he has discovered.

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