Sniper: Ghost Warrior Makes a BILLION Dollars

Okay, so that headline is misleading. I’m not sure if Sniper: Ghost Warrior  actually made developer/publisher City Interactive a billion dollars. However, according to them, the game has broken the two million sold mark which comes to show that you don’t have to spend a BILLION dollars on marketing to be a success (here’s looking at you, Battlefield 3).

“We are all very happy that we have reached the 2 million units milestone. This builds a strong belief we can do even better with the sequel and other upcoming releases.” – said Marek Tymiński, CEO City Interactive.

In case you aren’t quite familiar with the game, Sniper: Ghost Warrior  sets would-be sharp-shooters on a fictitious South American island where an incumbant military regime has overthrown its government and seized control. It’s your job as the guy with the mouse and keyboard to assassinate the leader of this regime, thus warranting your purchase of the game.

On a more serious note, congratulations to the team at CI for making a successful game in a shooter-saturated market without the leverage of a massive marketing budget.

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