Small World Realms Expansion Announced

Small World and Small World Underground are games that I really enjoy because of the quick combat, the unique powers, and planning when you put your race into decline.  While it included maps to account for the number of people playing, there wasn’t a way to make new maps.  Days of Wonder has answered that complaint with their announcement of Small World Realms.

Small World Realms includes scores of puzzle-like geomorphic Terrain regions that are assembled into variously sized and shaped board maps. Map designs are based on any of the 12 preset Scenarios created by the game’s designer, Philippe Keyaerts. In addition to conquering those included in the game, players can creatively combine the Terrain to build their own custom maps and scenarios!

“Realms is the ultimate world-building toolkit for Small World and Small World Underground.” said Days of Wonder Founder and CEO, Eric Hautemont. “It is the next logical step beyond custom races and special powers, and we can’t wait to see – and play – the exciting new Realms the Small World community will build.”

This should breathe some new life into the series.  Days of Wonder definitely knows how to support their best games, and it’s encouraging to see all of the expansions they have released lately.  To find out more about Small World Realms, check out the Press Release as well as their web page.

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