Slave of God is weird, disorienting, and totally awesome.

xlargeYou’re going to want to play Slave of God, a little indie game from Stephen Lavelle.  The premise is fairly original, a little indie game where you go to a rave, but the game stands out due to it’s psychedelic presentation.  If you’ve ever been wasted and high at a club, you know what this game is trying to recreate.  What’s kind of incredible is how well the game captures the experience.

The thing about this game is that it attacks you from the get go.  Colors swirl as you slam drinks.  Music and light blur together deliriously as you dance, enthralling you, but leaving you feeling sick as well.  You stumble into the club, following your companion away from the bouncers.  Your friend finds a seat at the bar, but you’re free to do other things.  Want to get a drink?  Good luck finding the bartender.  Need to score some drugs?  You’ll get stuff so good it’s like getting hit by a car.  Maybe you’ll even find a nice partner on the dance floor.

The only way to find out is to try it.  But be warned, this is not the game for peole with weak stomachs, or light-induced seizures.

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