Six arcade games we’ll never see over here

Ahhh, remember the glory days of arcades, when a quarter was all that stood between you and saving the universe? Sadly, those days are long gone, here in the west, but in Asia, they never stopped making arcade games, and in fact, combine arcades with today’s technology and you get some pretty fantastic stuff. came up with a list of  six arcade games too awesome to get released in the west, here’s an example:

Imagine a parallel reality where air hockey tables didn’t stop evolving at the end of the ’70s — a reality where that sad, half-broken machine gathering dust at the back of the arcade is, by now, all digitalized and cool. This bizarre alternate reality exists: it’s called Japan.

This isn’t touchscreen technology, but almost — Sega’s Heat Up Hockey uses a large overhead projector to display digital images on top of the table, while over 80 sensors on every side track the movements of the puck, allowing it to interact with the images. If the puck hits any of the block-like shields projected in front of the goal area, a physical panel behind it will go down and let you score.

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