Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Hits Beta 3

The next Sins of a Solar Empire game enters into final stages of its beta testing today as the nomadic Vasari rejoin their TEC and Advent counterparts in a struggle to rule the stars.  Adding in the third and final race from the original games is a good sign the real-time 4X strategy game is on track to make its June 12th release date, and we’ve got the full patch notes after the jump!

Changes From Beta 2c:

[ Graphics ]

  • Further refined shield effects.
  • Increased large debris sizes.
  • Fixed some incorrect shield meshes.

[ Gameplay ]

  • The Vasari Loyalists and Rebel factions are now available for play!
  • All races Scout frigates should now be able to properly detect mines again. This ability has been made passive.
  • Flagship’s no longer have a role type.
  • Flagship’s now count as Battleships in terms of stats.
  • Fixed bug that would improperly boot host and players from a Friends Only ICO game.
  • Fixed bug that was causing abilities that target strike craft to fail.
  • Added missing string for ally titan lost.
  • Fixed bug were Research and Occupation victories would not cause a loss for opponents.
  • Added Titans to new Titan statcount type.
  • Fixed a possible false positive save state mismatch bug (multiplayer desyncs).
  • Fixed bug with HyperspaceAntimatterCostAdjustment – was being calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed a desync bug in multiplayer.

[ TEC ]

  • Removed improper constraint on Corsev’s Boarding Party ability that prevented it from converting in non-Friendly gravity wells.
  • TEC Loyalists — Furious Defense ability hull damage autocast levels adjusted per updated HP stats.

[ Advent ]

  • Fixed bug with Cultural Integrity Envoy ability that prevented it from working.
  • Fixed bug with Cultural Assistance Envoy ability that was causing it to increase, rather than decrease, planet upgrade build times.

Advent Loyalists

  • Unity Mass will no longer be buffed by illusion ships.
  • Subjugating Assault ability will now properly toggle off

Advent Rebels

  • Strength of the Fallen will no longer be buffed by illusion ships.
  • Unyielding Will duration increased from 60/60 to 120/240.

[ Sound ]

  • Fixed missing capital planet lost voiceovers.
  • Fixed enemy research victory 50% complete voiceover.
[ Modding ]
  • Various Galaxy Forge bug fixes.

Participation in the open beta of Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is currently available to everyone who preorders of the game.  Full details are available at the game’s main website.

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