Sims 4 Console announces four DLC packs at launch

The Sims 4 arrives on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on November 17th, and it’s brining with it four of the best selling DLC expansion packs from the PC version. EA Games announced today that the Sims 4 City Living, Vampires, Perfect Patio Stuff, and Vintage Glamour Stuff expansion packs will be available for the Sims 4 Console at launch.

“DLC compatibility is one of the things I’m most excited about,” said Lindsay Pearson, the executive producer for Sims 4 Console and PC. “This is something we’ve never done with our console products before; we’ve never actually had any DLC, it’s always been a stand-alone game version. We’ve never done anything like the PC has, and this is part of really demonstrating that commitment to approaching the console differently than we ever have before. We’ve really learned a lot about what the PC experience has been, and we’re bringing as much of that to console as we possibly can. I’m very excited to see this, I’m very excited to see how fans receive it and play with it, because it’s just a totally different way for us to approach The Sims on a console space.”

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