Show Me The Games sale offers deep discounts on indie titles, money going straight to the devs


Show Me the Games is currently hosting a major indie game sale worth paying attention to. It’s a limited time deal on a wide variety of top notch indie titles (including Jets ‘n Guns Gold, a personal favorite of mine), with just under five days left to go as of this writing. Largely these are 50% off discounts, with the twist that these purchases are largely straight from the developers themselves – that means no middleman services in play, and the money you spend on these games goes straight to the developers. Now, I love Steam, and I think indie devs love selling through Steam, but an opportunity like this is nice all the same for those of us who love to make sure we’re fully supporting the actual teams creating these products.

One nice touch for all of these titles is their being paired with an Youtube link showing off their gameplay – so you get a better idea of what you’d be getting into by picking one of these up. As I said, I cannot endorse Jets ‘n Guns Gold enough – not only is it a top-notch side-scrolling shooter, but the OST is incredible. There’s a lot of other promising-looking games here too, so if you’re into the indie gaming thing at all be sure to give this one a scan.

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