Shiver your timbers with IB Games’ Plunder, on Kickstarter now

IB Games recently revealed its first game, Plunder, on Kickstarter. The “Pixel Graphic Pirate RPG” will be available on PC on May 2018 if funded, with a funding goal of $10,000.

Plunder is an open-world action RPG that puts you in the shoes of a pirate captain who is summoned by a mysterious being to complete a quest to save the world.  The order and strategies you employ to complete this goal are up to you.  As a captain, you begin the game as a neutral character.  Therefore, your reputation is based on the actions and decisions you make.  Will you decide to go the lawful route and remain friendly to the domineering British Empire or will you take the defiant path and join the Pirate Rebellion hell-bent on liberating the seas and the surrounding towns? The game also employs rogue-lite mechanics, which will force you to balance gameplay choices during your playthrough.

Plunder’s Kickstarter will run until August 31, with a funding goal of $10,000. A pledge of $10 will net you a copy of the game, while higher tiers will let you design a creature for the game. Stay tuned for more indie news here on Gaming Trend.

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