Shadowrun Online Going With Guild Wars Model: No Monthly Fees

Described by producer Jan Wagner as a mix between Bladerunner and Lord of the Rings, Shadowrun has gone from tabletop roleplaying game to video game series and is utilizing Kickstarter for the next installment, Shadowrun Online (Not to be confused with Shadowrun Returns, a single player Shadowrun game also on Kickstarter).

The MMORPG will be sold similar to Guild Wars, or a tabletop RPG: Players will pay for the game itself (or not if playing on the free server), but will not have to pay monthly fees or buy items with real-world cash like most MMOs. Those playing on the free-to-play server can upgrade to a premium account for a monthly fee to gain access to special features, like access to special shops.

Jan Wagner, co-founder of Cliffhanger Productions, who is developing the game, said:

Our Kickstarter project was off to a good start, but some fans were hesitant to back it due to the way we wanted to deliver the game or our revenue model.We have added the campaign model and client as an alternative to address that. Some backers stated that they preferred different gameplay styles to the classic MMO or PvP games. We want to emphasize that you can play the game any way you want – as a single player game by hiring NPC runners for your team and experiencing the story, as a co-op Multiplayer with your friends or as a mission based PvP. The feedback has been really valuable for us and we dedicated a lot of our time trying to answer questions and discuss the great suggestions by the community. People were looking for something more physical and closer to classic games, so we found a way to provide that and we also added a bunch of cool new goodies for backers.

The game promises to have a plot-line driven by player action. Players can choose to play as a Mage, Shaman, Street Samurai or Hacker, using magic and cyber-augmentations to enhance their character. For fans of the multiplayer first person shooter set in the same universe, the top-down RPG will be a departure, but Shadowrun Online looks to be an interesting addition to the Shadowrun universe.

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