Shadowrun Chronicles Boston Lockdown Dev Diary and first update

Shadowrun Chronicles has shipped out to virtual shelves this week, but the folks at Cliffhanger aren’t sitting on their hands. Today we’ve got the first game update to address some of the balance and server issues present at launch, but it also comes with a cool opportunity – a chance to game with the devs!

“We have been up night and day talking to our players in and out of game, collecting their feedback and discussing our vision for the game, said Florian Scherz, Product Manager at Cliffhanger Productions. “We are happy about the positive reaction and the great fun people are having in co-op have been listening to their feedback by updating the game as quickly as possible. Even a massive power-outage hasn’t stopped our team from working on the game.”

If you are still on the fence about picking up Shadowrun Chronicles, there is also a 15 minute dev diary showing how the “Legend Runs” are built. What’s a Legend Run, you ask?

Have you ever dreamt of running the shadows with a true street legend? Now is your chance – with new Legend Runs that let you join Jason Hardy, Catalyst’s Line Editor for Shadowrun and the mastermind behind all current Shadowrun plots, “Bull” Ratkovich, famous for inheriting Jackpoint and fearless leader of the SR demo team and Aaron Pavao, who has contributed to over a dozen Shadowrun books. This is a unique opportunity to meet these Shadowrun legends in the virtual flesh, ask them questions and – if you are lucky – go on a run with them. Future Legend runs will feature Jordan Weisman, creator of Shadowrun and Shadowrun Returns and Mike Mulvihil, long time Shadowrun author both from Harebrained Schemes.

shadowrun boston lockdown

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, the team will kick off their Legend Run on Saturday May 2nd at 9pm PST (West Coast US), 12 Midnight EST (East Coast US) or Sunday May 3rd 6 AM CEST (Central Europe)

Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown is available on Steam, and you can nab it for yourself right here.

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