Shadow Warrior pre-order go live, discounts abound!

shadow_warriorIf you watched our video preview for Shadow Warrior, you can see that this is not the old Shadow Warrior you remember, but something completely new with a dash of nostalgia. Well, if you liked what you saw, you can pre-order the game starting…..NOW! Depending on who you pre-order from, you’ll get different goodies – your options are Steam, GOG, Humble Store, Get Games, and GamersGate. Steam has one of the best deals with 75% off any other current Devolver Digital or Flying Wild Hog games. Not too shabby!

The game from Flying Wild Hog launches on September 26th. We’ve got a trailer to share as well before we get to all the pre-order goodies. You can check that out below:


$39.99 North America | €34.99 Western Europe | €24.99 Eastern Europe | £29.99 UK

Pre-Order Bonus Steam includes:

  • 15% off standard price
  • Zilla Enterprises Z45 katana in-game weapon (Steam)
  • 75% off coupon for any current Devolver Digital game or Flying Wild Hog’s ‘Hard Reset’

Special Edition (Steam Exclusive) includes:

  • Shadow Warrior
  • Serious Sam 3 sledgehammer in-game weapon
  • Hotline Miami katana in-game weapon
  • Shadow Warrior digital art book
  • Shadow Warrior soundtrack

Pre-Order Bonus GOG includes:

  • 15% off standard price
  • Classic Shadow Warrior katana in-game weapon (GOG)

Pre-Order Humble Store includes:

  • 15% off standard price
  • Shadow Warrior soundtrack
  • available at

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