Shadow Cities MMO Spreads Across Globe

More and more MMOs seem to be making their way to the iPhone and Android. Shadow Cities was released in May 2011 in the US and Canada, but Grey Area has announced that the game has expanded into thirteen additional countries: Spain, UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark and Norway. As for the game itself…

The experience of Shadow Cities is made possible through location based technology that creates an augmented reality and a revolutionary global arena for its players to participate in real-time, large-scale combat with friends and other gamers. Players will engage each other in epic battles around the world in their very own transformed neighborhoods and cities. Shadow Cities builds upon traditional roleplaying systems and concepts, offering a deep leveling system that allows players to customize their character by learning spells and developing attributes.

So you European Readers looking to turn your location data into a virtual fantasy battleground, you need look no further than the Apple app store.

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