Session, a street skating sim for PC and Xbox One, shreds its way onto Kickstarter

Recently, crea-ture studios announced its ambitious street skating sim, Session. This game allows players to use two sticks to control each foot independently, mimicking the movements of skaters’ feet allowing a more satisfying payoff when performing tricks.

After just over a day on Kickstarter, Session has already received about 70% of its CAD $80,000 (US$62,652) goal. Its Kickstarter boasts a game that does away with arbitrary point systems and focuses more on the creativity of skateboarding as an incredible sport.

In addition to learning how to perform radical tricks, Session will include an extended video editor that allows players to perform tricks, edit the video, and create an in-game montage to share on social media. It will also allow the community to get involved, customize their character and board, and truly represent skateboarding culture as a whole. There will also be an in-depth progression system based on what you do and how often.

The progression system in Session is based on what you do and how often. For example, if you keep doing kickflips, you’re gonna get better at it. You’ll be able to flip faster when you need to, pop higher and have an easier time catching your trick. This way your skills will continuously open new venues and spots to shred! However, if you think everything you gain stays forever, you’re wrong! Like any other athlete, if you don’t keep practicing, you’ll lose that edge!

Session is currently holding a campaign on Kickstarter. If it is successful, it’s expected to be released fully in mid 2019 on PC and Xbox One. There is also a demo available on the official website.

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