Sega blasts to the past with free-to-play mobile collection Sega Forever

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Sega announced that it will release a lineup of classic Sega titles on mobile devices tomorrow. Named Sega Forever, the company will release classic games every month on smartphone devices from consoles ranging from the SG-1000 to the Dreamcast.

The Sega Forever line of games will be released starting tomorrow, with new releases coming out for iOS and Android every couple of weeks. The initial lineup of games are Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Phantasy Star II, Comix Zone, and Kid Chameleon. Sega Forever releases plan to have additional features, such as leaderboards, cloud saves, and bluetooth controller support.

While the initial slate of games all revolve around the Genesis, the upcoming lineup will derive from all console eras: the SG-1000, Master System, Genesis, Game Gear, Sega Saturn, and Dreamcast. All titles, regardless of original console, will be a standalone app and free with ad-support, with a fee of $1.99 to play without ads. Each title will have an option to play offline as well.

Sega Forever’s first games will be released tomorrow for iOS and Android devices. Check out the gallery for a retro trailer and some mobile screens, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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