SCE Studio boss praises Microsoft as great competition

In a tone that doesn’t seem to come off at all as sarcastic,  SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida revealed in a recorded interview with Giant Bomb (starting at the 11 minute mark) that he has a lot of respect for the folks in Redmond, specifically with bringing strong competition.

So I’m really happy that we have strong and great competition with Microsoft and I appreciate them. They’re really smart people and very resourceful, so that always keeps us on our toes and looking at ourselves, if we’re doing enough.

This is a refreshing type of comment on an Internet rampant with fanboyism. We all love games, and we’re all going to play them – and at the end of the day, competition brings us all more for less.

If you’ve got a half-hour to kill, I recommend heading over to the interview above and giving it a listen.

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