Scarlet Legacy Getting Content Update Tomorrow

MMO Scarlet Legacy is getting an update tomorrow, and it’s the good kind of update. The kind that adds a whole lot of new stuff to the game and makes current players feel nice and tingly, and people who’ve never played the game get interested. Let’s have a look at just what’s coming to the game!

This exciting new update has something in store for everyone, and starting tomorrow players can experience exciting new combat skills for levels 46-50 including more than 60 skill level advancements and 40 martial art stances.  Players will embark on more than 80 all-new quests and discover a new store complete with over 50 new and improved items, more than 130 crafting recipes and new equipment featuring four sets of “Epic Purple” equipment.

The latest update will also introduce a new outdoor field map, Faery Lake, and ten player dungeons! For PVP enthusiasts, there is the Demon Lair event and new mini-games will be featured in the Scarlet Legacy Arenas.  Additionally, those level 46-50 will enjoy four new types of pets and their pet talents along with Princess Dialog for the Magic Mirror! The new Guild War system will allow 6 Guilds to join at a time with up to 120 players in a battle royale competition to destroy their rival guilds’ bases and receive powerful item rewards and Guild benefits.

More skills, more pets, more quests, more items, more crafting. All that plus some large-scale PVP! Great news for those of you currently playing Scarlet Legacy, and for those of you who aren’t, a reason to possibly check it out. Martial arts stances and pets? Something to look into!

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