Sarah’s Singularity from Daily Magic Games is on Kickstarter

Games where you compete against each other aren’t uncommon, but what if you are creating strategies against other versions of yourself.  That’s the premise behind Sarah’s Singularity being published by Daily Magic Games.

Everyone plays as a different version of Sarah, a time traveler with special abilities seeking to unscramble historical events. Review the missions line to plan your trip, decide which of your companion cards can best help you, then secretly select your destination Time Zone while the other players make their own plans.

You might be able to complete a mission as soon as you land in that era, earning you points and getting you closer to achieving your personal objectives. Or maybe you’ll rescue a stranded companion and earn a bonus token to assist you on a future mission.

If two or more players select the same destination Time Zone they cause a paradox and each finds that they are, all of a sudden, a completely different Sarah with different abilities.

All Kickstarter backers at the $29 and $160 pledge levels will receive Sarah’s Singularity: Prime Edition. This edition of the game will contain custom wooden pawns not included in the retail version. Each pawn will be screen printed on both the front and back.

After this project is complete, the only place you’ll be able to obtain Sarah’s Singularity: Prime Edition will be at the Retailers who have pledged on this project, the Daily Magic Games web store, and at the conventions we attend.

It’s up on Kickstarter right now, and if you want the version with the nicest looking bits you’ll need to support it there.  It’s been funded about a third of the way with eighteen days to go, and if you go to their Kickstarter page you can download the Print and Play version.

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