Santa’s Renegades are invading game stores in December

A lot of times if you want a special promo card you have to either attend a convention or you have to pay money on the secondary market to buy it.  Renegade Games will have promos available late this year, but they should be much easier to get.

On the tail of an incredibly successful year, Renegade Game Studios is pleased to announced a brick and mortar exclusive promotional program supporting a variety of popular titles. Santa’s Renegades is a holiday gift box including nine different promotional items that will be available for free or for purchase to retail stores and Renegade Fans.

Hobby stores will be invited to place orders of $350 of Renegade Games between Oct. 1st and Dec. 31st 2016 from their favorite distributor and will receive 10 free Santa’s Renegades gift boxes for each order. Once this requirement has been met, the gift boxes will be shipped upon arrival in mid-November. Stores may also purchase additional boxes from their distributors and may choose to sell them with an MSRP of $10 or offer them for free with purchase. They may not be sold online.

Fans are invited to purchase Renegade title of $30 or more from their local game store to receive a free gift box from participating stores.

“Our fans and local game stores have supported us during every release for the past two years. We are incredibly grateful for their support and want to give something back to the community. Stores can use these to promote sales of our games during this important part of the year and fans will enjoy a little special thank you from us and the stores they frequent,” explains Scott Gaeta, President of Renegade Game Studios.

Santa’s Renegades will include never-before-seen promos for Lotus, Lanterns: the Harvest Festival, Covert, FUSE, Apotheca: The Secret Potion Society, Snow Tails, World’s Fair, Dicey Goblins, and Clank!.

There’s quite a few promos in there, and I can heartily recommend Lanterns, FUSE, and Snow Tails.  The other games have been received well too.  Go to your local game store and pick these up late this year.

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