Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space out for iOS

Sam and Max have been around for a while, first coming out during the time when LucasArts released great adventure games, and more recently with the Telltale Games taking the reigns.  While most of their adventuring has been done on the PC, they have branched out to the Wii as well.  Now you’ll be able to take them along in your pocket as they have just been released for iOS devices.

Telltale Games brings the gaming world’s favorite dog and hyperkinetic lagormorph duo,Sam & Max to the iOS once again! The first episode of the classic Telltale saga Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space, ‘Ice Station Santa’, is now available in the App Store as a universal app.

It’s available now for $7.  Not bad at all for one episode.  Telltale promises to have the other episodes available soon.

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