Saints Row: The Third – Deckers.Die Trailer

Saints Row: The Third is just around the corner, and today we have in introduction to another faction – The Deckers.  Stepping further away from reality and further into the realm of awesome, it looks like the Deckers will be able to do all sorts of nasty and fun things.  Check it out:

The Deckers… elite cybercriminals… hackers… unrelenting online gamers. Their next target: the Third Street Saints. Upon arriving in Steelport, the Saints find their bank accounts wiped out by a Deckers cyber-attack. For the Saints, there’s only one thing left to do: hack into the Deckers user-net, engage in their own brand of cyberbullying, and shut down the Deckers’ network… permanently. But in this world, Deckers mastermind Matt Miller is a virtual god, capable of altering physics, setting firewalls, and unleashing his own deadly, maxed-out avatar. Are you ready to f*** s*** up in virtual reality?

The game is all set for release on November 15th of this year – a welcome break from all of the dragon slaying the week prior.  Look for it on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.  Enjoy the trailer.

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