Roy Thomas to Write Introduction to Conan: Rise of Monsters

Conan the Barbarian was the foundation of many fantasy staples that endure today, and now I am pleased to see the property coming back in style all over the tabletop market. Conan: Rise of Monsters is a miniatures skrimish game that tells a tale Robert E. Howard never got to: the final battle between our hero and his for Thoth-Amon. Given the amount of source material available over the many years, a primer will be welcome, and Pulposaurus has announced that Roy Thomas will join their team and prepare this, as well as an explanation of the setting’s status before the game.

Roy Thomas is a veteran to Conan, having worked on the property for Marvel Publishing for decades, as well as many other projects including Avengers, X-men, and more. He was also a co-writer of Conan the Destroyer and Fire and Ice, making him well suited to adapting the material.

Visit Pulposaurus for their full interview with Mr. Thomas, including thoughts on his legacy and his vision for Rise of Monsters.

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